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Motor sport has been traditionally seen as something of a “boy’s club”, an arena in which women have often been marginalised and on occasion actively discouraged from participation. 

In 2009, the FIA set out to change that paradigm by launching its Women in Motorsport Commission, a body tasked with creating “a sports culture that facilities and values the participation of women in all aspects of motor sport”.  10 years later they launched the "Girls on Track" programme.

In 2016 Susie Wolff founded the "dare to be different" Initiative which aims to increase the participation of women in all forms of motor racing and change the views of women in perceived male-dominated industries.

The Girls on Track programme is a joint initiative between the FIA and Motorsport UK. Uniting Susie Wolff’s ‘Dare to be Different’ initiative with the FIA’s ‘Girls on Track’ programme, Motorsport UK have joined forces with the FIA in this new project, ‘Girls on Track UK’.

Events to inspire girls (aged between 8 and 18) and women into seeing and believing that there is a rightful and valuable place for them in the motorsports industry is top of Motorsport UK's agenda. The varied range of opportunities within our sport means that there is something for everyone, regardless of your interests, gender and race.

For more information on how to get involved please click on the link

Here at Highland Car Club we like to think that the traditional "boys club" is a thing of the past, and we take pride in the varied roles that some of our woman take on, both for the club and for the Snowman Rally. We interviewed the women in our club to get an insight into the roles the perform in Motorsport and this is what they had to say........

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