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Frank Kelly is a true rallying legend, and as one of the most flamboyant drivers in rallying, attracting a huge following across the world.

If you watch rallying on social media, then you will have undoubtably seen Frank Kelly driving – his antics have become must see footage for any fan of sideways, maximum attack driving.


Frank is relatively unique in concentrating his driving career largely on the use of one car – Baby Blue, which he first started using from 2008 to the current day. Over this time, the car has been continually developed and is regarded as one of the fastest Escorts in existence.


Frank entered the 2009 Snowman Rally as part of a season long ‘attack’ of the Scottish Rally Championship – But the Snowman of that year had other plans for the ‘Snow novice’ which forms a short but memorable interview with the legend.


Lets hope we see Frank and Baby Blue back again one day!.

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