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March 6th, 2021 should have been the day that the Highland Car Club Snowman Rally once again roared into life in the forests of the North of Scotland, kicking off the Scottish Rally Championship year and entertaining the thousands of spectators who follow it each year.


The Coogie Urquhart Snowman in 2020 was held shortly before the pandemic and in doing so became the only gravel rally event to have been held in Scotland last year. But the ongoing pandemic and its restrictions this year have made it impossible to run our event for only the 3 rd time in the Snowman Rally’s 66 years of history.


When the Highland Car Club committee met (online of course!) to discuss the inevitable event cancelation, we had the idea not to let the pandemic beat us – and do what we can to turn a negative situation into a positive one.


We can no longer hold a physical rally this year – but in keeping with these times of change we are delighted to host a very special and unique Snowman Rally event.  


The virtual Snowman Rally is day full of activities that celebrates the history and stories from over six decades of the rally.


We celebrate all the competitors from over the years - from the clubman to the champions who all have thrilled us, to all those people whose involvement has made the event possible, and the incredible spectacle that the Snowman Rally is known for.


These times of change have of course disrupted more than just the Snowman Rally. The pandemic has impacted many lives, bringing distress to many, and a need for us all to ‘rally round each other’ to help in any way we can.


Because of COVID 19 there has never been such a demand for the support and help that charities give to those most in need, yet these charities have never found it so hard to raise the funds necessary to help those most in need.


We hope you enjoy and actively get involved in this special Snowman, whether your local or elsewhere with your own stories, photos, or videos from the past, as well as raising funds for the good causes the event is supporting.


Our programme outlines the route map of activities planned throughout the day, highlighting some of the content and contributors, who together with you, are helping to make today’s event a unique day celebrating the Snowman Rally for good causes.


Let’s celebrate the Snowman rally and help charities.

Fiona Munro - Club President, Highland Car Club.


Celebrating six decades of Snowman Rallies

Over the years the Snowman has established itself as the traditional start of season event in the Scottish Rally Championship and has always been one of the most popular events in the series, attracting entries not only from the Highlands, but from across Scotland and beyond.

The Snowman rally has the interests of the clubman competitors deep in its routes and its history. The event has also through the years attracted many high-profile competitors and teams who have gone onto success in the elite levels of the sport.

Our day of celebration covers both the clubman competitors and the visiting works competitors who have made the event a success over the years, and who together have faced some of the most challenging stages and weather conditions found in UK rallying.

The Snowman rally however goes beyond just the competitors, its success has also been down to the organisers behind the scenes, the marshals who have helped the event run smoothly, the service crews who kept the competitors going, and the thousands of spectators who each year flock to the stages and create the special atmosphere that accompanies the event.

Our day of celebration is for everyone connected to the Snowman over the last six decades, our event follows a virtual snowman rally route using some of the classic stages that the rally is known for and brings together some special features and unique content throughout the day to keep you entertained.

The day is also importantly about your participation, sharing your stories, your photos or videos, through our event Facebook page for all to enjoy and all to help raise funds for the good causes we are supporting to help those most affected by the COVID pandemic.

We look forward to welcoming all rally fans, from wherever you are to join with us virtually and to celebrate the Snowman Rally.

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