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The 90s was a decade that saw again an explosion in the profile of rallying in the UK, helped especially by the emergence of Colin McRae and Derek Ringer on the world stage.

After a maiden WRC win in 1993 – they went on to light up world rallying, sand through gaming and the Colin McRae Rally game – bring the excitement of rallying to a new generation from the comfort of their sofas. Colin & Derek’s WRC victory in 1995 raised the profile globally of Scottish Rallying talent – and his success involved as note crew Murray Grierson who was a regular Snowman Rally & SRC competitor.

The 90s saw the continuation of the 6R4 (or variations of the car) appear on the Snowman – but the development of top level Group A cars meant that as the decade progressed these became more successful.

The start of the new Snowman decade would see again see it start another very snowy event, and a ‘team McRae’ appearance of Colin, Alister and father Jimmy spectating on the event.

The action-packed Snowman was recorded by AMTV for BBC Scotland.

Last years local Snowman winner Jimmy Girvan was acting as the snowplow for the others to follow – his widely expected follow up victory never materialized.

At number 2 was Colin McRae competing in his uncles Mk 2 escort – the conditions proving difficult even for his superhuman skills – a unusual 35 place was to follow.

Instead, the event podium was dominated by the relatively underpowered Group A Mazda 323s and won by George Gauld & Stella Boyles – with Dom Buckley (Jnr) in 3rd and showing a sign of things to come! M- he would go onto a works driver career with Volkswagen in the 90s.


1991 supplementary regulations said ‘As in previous years our sport is again having to endure excessive rising costs from both the Forestry Commission and the RACMSA, but despite this we are able to offer 50 stage miles for an entry fee of £148.’ Our 2005 Forest costs are £475 per mile plus £60 permit and insurance fees per car.

In 1994  former Chief Marshall, Charlie Campbell, and Clerk of the Course, Iain Campbell, appeared as competitors for the first time in car 95, a very bright yellow Vauxhall Chevette, finishing 42nd.

1998 Iain Urquhart took over from John Findlayson as Clerk of the Course for the next four years.

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