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This begins with an early alarm clock make sure your prepared the night before and have packed for all weathers, boots , waterproofs, enough layers to keep warm, Motorsport UK marshals tabard, sun cream, avon's skin-so-soft for the midges , lunch, snacks, water etc and if your super organised you'll have a stove, kettle, pan for hot tea and a bacon roll. When you arrive at the stage you will be given your role for the day, whether it's a timing marshal (arrival, start, flying finish or stop line) or an in-stage marshal (manning a post or spectator safety), if you've done radio training you can also be a radio marshal. Once you're in your post you will be there till the stage stops or if it's been run twice you'll be there the majority of the day. Once your free to stand down from your post, the rest of the day is yours to do what you like. You will have to take a spare change of clothes with you cos the chances are you will be wet or sunburnt and muddy! (I'm yet to see a clean marshal at the end of a rally) You will be exhausted too and all you'll probably want to do is go to sleep , its tiring being outside in the fresh air all day. Why do we do it you might be thinking to yourself? Because it's great fun, you get a day of fresh air in your lungs and get a bit of exercise outdoors. You get to watch your favourite sport, (theres nothing better than hearing a rally car going through the woods), as well as giving something back, as the common phrase goes, there simply would be no rally if there were no marshals or officials. You get to meet lots of people and some become great friends, you have the opportunity to travel and marshal at any rally you wish. You become part of something, it's hard to explain, but you just do, it's hard work but a brilliant feeling to know you have contributed to a successful event. 

If you would like to know more information and register to become a marshal please click on the link below

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